the prescription for your cropping addiction

Take time to tell the stories and create albums by attending one of our scrapper's rx florida scrapbooking retreats and day crops.

Warning: You may need multiple sessions to achieve the full benefit of our therapeutic offerings.

Creative Counseling is available!

Welcome to Scrapper's Prescription!

Scrapper's rx Scrapbooking and crafter's Weekend retreats and day crops are held throughout florida  ...  along the Space Coast and Central Florida, Melbourne, orlando, lakeland, daytona beach shores, Cocoa Beach and other areas.


Are you a Scrapbook Junkie?

Do you need a twelve by twelve step program to conquer your cropping addiction?

Do you suffer from CCD (Creative Compulsion Disorder)?

Well, stop right now! Look no further!

Our Scrapbook Rehab weekends are 4 days of intensive crop therapy.

Your recovery will begin the moment you register for one of our weekend programs.

Now in our 7th year!