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Upon registration you will receive an invoice from our PayPal account. You do not have to have a PayPal account to pay this invoice.  Upon receipt of the invoice, full payment will be required unless you coordinate an alternative schedule with us.  You will receive all hotel room registration information with your registration invoice.   Red asterisks indicate required fields and the submit button will not activate if you skipped one of these fields.  Please ensure the email you list below will accept email from info@scrappersrx.com or we may end up in your spam!  If we send emails/invoices and receive no response after you submit your registration your spot will be forfeited.  You may choose a payment date that works best for you and you must be paid in full 30 days prior to the event date.  You will not be invoiced for multiple events if you register for more than one.  Each invoice will be sent in the weeks following.  For example if you attend the July event you will not be invoiced for October until the July event has completed.


If something happens and you cannot attend we will gladly shift your payment to another event or issue a refund IF you cancel prior to the deadlines.  However there is a $25.00 cancellation for all events within two months of the date of the event.  Final deadline for every event is 30 days prior to the event and are noted on your invoice.  On this date NO refunds will be issued and no payments will be shifted to another event.  We've made commitments to the venue for the size of the space we need based on registrations and we can't change it therefore NO refunds will be issued and no payments will be shifted to another event at this time.

All deadline dates are noted on your invoice and in multiple emails sent out prior to the event.