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Vendor Information

so you want to be a vendor at a

scrapper's rx event?



Scrapper’s Rx is home-based business friendly.  We want to help you have a profitable weekend with us. Full details are available by requesting a vendor application above.  Below you will find some of our general vendor policies. This is not all inclusive and if you want to vendor or want full details please request the information by clicking the link above.

​Scrapper’s Rx will limit each business entity to only one of each particular company by name but we will not limit based on industry or product sold. In other words, you may see multiple scrapbooking or stamping businesses (i.e. CTMH, SU, etc.) represented at our events but only one consultant from each company.  In addition, Scrapper’s Rx opens our events to companies not related to the hobby or craft industry such as candles, make-up, purses, kitchen products, etc.  Each of these companies have unique products and services and we believe there is room for everyone to thrive.
Our events are typically attended by about 50-70 women (with only the occasional guy) so keep this in mind when deciding whether to register as a vendor. 

​Vendor space is on a first come-first served basis.  Vendor selection priority will be made from those who are also registered as event attendees first. Remaining slots will be filled by those vendors who do not wish to scrapbook/attend our event as a scrapbooker/crafter. Vendors who are attending our event as a scrapbooker/crafter are not required to pay any vendor fees but will be asked to provide a door prize (see details below). Vendors who are not scrapbooking/crafting as event attendees are required to pay a vendor fee of $125.00 but will not be required to make a door prize donation.

​Size of each vendor space is generally limited to two 6 X 2.5 foot tables but may vary by venue.  Each vendor may receive two skirted tables and two chairs, again based on room size. Confirm details before each event. Electrical outlets are generally available for most vendor spaces. Wi-Fi accessibility varies in each event location.  We do not always know how far each power outlet will be from each vendor table; therefore we encourage you to bring an extension cord – just in case. We attempt to provide each vendor who needs a make-n-take space with their own tables. This cannot always be accommodated but we do try.

In addition, vendors may choose to be listed on our website and in any promotional literature/emails that Scrapper’s Rx may distribute. Simply indicate your wishes on our vendor sign-up form.  This will give Scrapper’s Rx permission to list you as a vendor on our site with a link to your website, blog, or Facebook page as you choose.

​All vendors must provide one door prize with a retail value of approx $30.00 unless you are a paid vendor as specified above.  You may tag or mark your give away with your company information in any way you choose. ​All drawings will be accompanied by clear indication from our staff on who provided the door prize and you may stand and be recognized at that time.

Booth Fee:  Each vendor space is currentlyfree for the entire weekend to those who are event attendees. Meals and/or lodging are on your own. We can assist you with these items and you may use our special discount hotel rate. We also offer Saturday only vendor spots. These are contingent upon full weekend vendor slots not filling up.

We look forward to having you as a vendor at our Scrapper’s Rx events. Please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns. 
​We truly want our events to be successful for you and your business.